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How does sly stallone workout?  Here's Sly Stallone Workout and Diet along with other celebrity workouts and bodybuilding workouts. Get the inside secrets to Stallone's training and how to be the best bodybuilder at any age.

Pay attention to the details that helped Sylvester Stallone look so amazing in The Expendables. Other celebrity workouts don't even compare to Stallone training & bodybuilding workouts.

Stallone's Ab Workout Plan

So how exactly does the 68 year-old (born July 6, 1946) action star work out and eat to maintain a best bodybuilder physique?

He's maintained it for years even, looking ripped in the Rambo and Rocky movies especially his abs - See Stallone's Ab Workout.  (Well, except for the first Rocky).  Here's a different way to lose fat - 5 Odd Foods That Fight Abdominal Fat.
For working out his shoulders, back, and arms.  Notice how high the reps are: the lowest he uses is 6 reps per set.  Others are over 12.

  • Weighted Pull-Ups at an angle - 3 to 4 sets, 6 to 12 reps -  Stallone does one warm up set with just his body weight, then wears a weighted vest for resistance.  His variation is that he pulls his chin towards one hand then alternates pulling towards the other.

  • Unilateral Low-Cable Row (3 to 4 sets, 14 to 16 reps) You may not find this configuration at your club, but you can improvise.  His machine has two stacks of weights, side-by-side.  With a D-handle in each hand, he does 10 pulls with both arms at the same time, then he alternates arms and performs another 4 to 6 reps with each arm. 

  • T-Bar Row - (3 sets, 10 to 12 reps) Performed with one end of a barbell in a corner while lifting with a cross bar near the load end.  Sly does one arm at a time.

  • Squat-Jump Pull-Up - (3 sets of 8 reps).  Interesting variation.  Stallone performs body weight jumping squats, grabbing an 8 foot high bar on each jump and performs a pullup, before coming back down.  Then he repeats the move for an entire set.

  • Machine Shrugs, Free Weight Loaded -  (3 sets, 6 to 12 reps) Stallone increases the weights on each set up to nearly 400-plus pounds.
Sly Stallone Workout and Diet Plan
How does sly stallone workout?
  • Shrugs on the Standing Calf-Machine - (3 sets, 6 to 12 reps)  Shrugs done by raising the pads by shrugging the shoulders.

  • Uneven Standing Barbell Curl - (3 sets, 8 to 12 reps)  Standing barbell curl with the variation of having one hand closer to the center than the other, putting more stress on one arm.  Alternate which hand is closer to the center mid way through the set.

  • Strive Curl Machine - (3 sets, 12 to 18 reps) Stallone adjusts the cam on the "Strive" 3 times per set to place different stress on his biceps.   He performs 4 to 6 reps at each setting.

  • Dumbbell Hammer Curl - (3 sets, 18 to 30 reps) Sly lifts both dumbbells together for 8 to 10 reps, then ends with fast, alternating reps for another 10 to 20 reps.

Sylvester Stallone works his abs with weights in between exercises and finishes the workout with some forearm work.  Try the Stallone workout yourself.
Sly Stallone Diet Plan

Stallone keeps his body fat percentage at 4 to 7% with a lean, trained bodyweight around 200 lbs.   According to Stallone, "I follow a high-protein diet: Anything with a face, that's what I eat, with something green next to it."  Sylvester Stallone Diet details.  Benefits of organic protein powder.

"Over the years, my biggest flaw was overtraining.  In the gym six days a week, doing more sit-ups at night ... my body was in a constant state of breakdown."  Supplements For Natural hGH Release.
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Stallone Training

"Now I focus on a variety of exercises, working out three times a week for 90 minutes per session. I really feel good, much stronger than I've ever felt actually. Something's working", Stallone says. Check out protein pulsing for the best muscle growth diet that works.  See how to boost growth hormone and IGF1 naturally and learn about the effects of growth hormone on speed healing after surgery.

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