4-Hour Body Workout Takes Only 1 Hour a Week

4-hour body workoutThe 4-hour body workout can you get a body like Sylvester Stallone working out only four hours a month.  The workout may very well be possible as outlined in the book The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

It has given me real results, immediate results, from information and techniques that I have never seen in 25 years of bodybuilding and strength training.

Tim accepts that each person responds differently to stimuli. Even with that, his workout and diet “test subjects” have included thousands of people, rather than just himself and a handful of others.

And with over 5 years of testing, there’s proof to back up his results.

My fitness needs as a 50 year old have changed over the years. Also, the stuff that worked for me in the past, just doesn’t have the same effect on me now – diet, exercise, and supplements.


So when I tried some of Ferriss’s techniques and tips, I was surprised by what I saw . . . results and obvious changes!

For example – lower bodyfat, lower cholesterol, higher testosterone, more strength. It was actually fun to try things too.  And different from what other “gurus” preach.  I now eat regularly on Ferris’s slow carb diet plan.  (I’m testing the effects on IGF-1).

stallone 4-hour bodySomething I noticed was that Ferriss outlines programs or experiments that look very similar to what others have offered. However, he seems to identify the one or two minor differences or modifications that make all the difference.

Some of the interest in four hour body is Ferriss’s approach. Everything is an experiment . . . on himself.  He starts with a question … I wonder how I can get X result with the least effort … minimalist methods for rapid body transformation.  What he calls Minimum Effective Dose or MED.

You see, he’s not one of those exercise junkies who’s willing to give up hours of his day to see no incremental gain. There’s no “do extra for good measure”.  And if the minimum doesn’t provide visible results, change it.  For men over 50, this is a key.

Along those lines, Ferris says don’t use physical recreation to achieve fitness goals. It doesn’t work.  Sports are for enjoyment.  Full potential fitness comes from a completely different, controlled effort.

This book is over 400 pages not including appendices. But in my opinion, the book offers more than all other diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle programs on the market.  No matter what your goals, you’ll get SOMETHING out of this book, even if you’re already in great shape and accustomed to doing your own research.  If you’re not in good shape, hold onto your hat, because chances are you’ll see huge results.  With the least effort you’ve ever had to put in.

4-hour body workout

A 4-hour body is possible and I promote the 4-hour body workout because it’s exciting. Exciting to see such simple actions producing dramatic changes quickly, after so many years of seeing nothing so dramatic.  Exciting because it’s fun and interesting to do something for your body that’s unconventional and seems to not make sense (check out how Ferriss determined why Michael Phelps the Olympic swimmer consumes 12,000 calories a day, yet his daily swimming only burns 3,000 to 4,000 a day.  What happens to all those other calories?).

It’s unconventional and some ideas may seem a little drastic, but it works, no matter your age or sex (and yes he talks a lot about sex in this book). Best part, it only costs about $15 in hard copy.  I challenge you to find me some other “guru’s” latest health program with secrets this easy and quick to put in action.  Especially without having to pay hundreds of dollars.

Like I said, hold onto your hat, and get ready for something completely different that truly works. Order your copy of The 4-Hour Body today.  This is not a sexy, mainstream, celebrity type workout either.

Check out the Diet in the Ferriss book for recipes. And augment your natural hormone production with a supplement and food plan that stops the feminizing hormone, estrogen, from killing your manhood.

Here’s the Low Carb Diet Plan in detail.

How does Lindsey Vonn workout

Don’t just follow a celebrity workout plan or decide “I want a Sylvester Stallone body”. 

Instead go for their “look” and follow a program like The 4-Hour Body or Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

Also, boost your testosterone naturally and rev up human growth hormone production with an effective combination of men’s supplements.


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