Boost IGF1 Naturally To Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

boost igf1 naturally
Arginine boosts IGF-1

Let’s consider why you would boost IGF1 naturally.  You’ve probably heard of athletes and bodybuilders injecting IGF-1 in order to grow huge. IGF-1 is a natural hormone similar to insulin.  Fact is, insulin itself has an amazing impact on muscle growth.  IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor-1.

Studies have shown that it only takes a small increase in IGF-1 to produce positive changes you may be looking for.

What is IGF-1

IGF1 isn’t a top secret chemical nor is it a steroid. It’s a polypeptide protein hormone that plays a vital role in children’s growth and in muscle growth in adults.

This hormone is produced when the liver is stimulated by Human Growth Hormone. When hGH levels rise in the bloodstream, the liver responds by producing bursts of IGF-1.  These bursts then stimulate cell growth and regeneration, especially in muscles.

The primary purpose of IGF-1 is to promote cell growth. And the most positively affected cells in the body seem to be muscle, bone, skin, lungs, liver, nerves, and kidneys.

Why boost IGF1 naturally?

Scientific tests have been conducted on substances that increase Insulin-like Growth Factor to determine the benefits of IGF-1. It’s been shown that when these natural substances are taken responsibly, these products can improve healing, recovery times, and muscularity. IGF-1 can also improve the skin and reduce fat.

When tested on muscle injury repair and recovery, high IGF-1 levels in the blood are shown to help recover not only faster, but also stronger.

Anti-Aging with IGF-1

HGH levels drop by as much as 80% from age 20 to age 60. When HGH levels drop, the liver is not stimulated to produce IGF-1.  IGF-1 helps prevent age related muscle, bone, and skin degeneration.  So keeping IGF-1 production high along with HGH has positive effects on aging.

Whether you’re an athlete, someone who wants to reduce the effects of aging, or someone who wants to be as fit and healthy as possible, IGF-1 can benefit you.  Better yet, you can boost IGF1 naturally without injections or risk.

Sly Stallone Workout

So what was the Sylvester Stallone bodybuilding routine that got him in such incredible shape for the film The Expendables? Actually, his awesome physique, even at 60, is the result of a lifetime focus on workout, diet, and lifestyle.

“Now I focus on a variety of exercises, working out three times a week for 90 minutes per session. I really feel good, much stronger than I’ve ever felt actually. Something’s working”, Stallone says.

Here’s Stallone’s Workout

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