Celebrity Workouts & Diets Won’t Work For You

Celebrity WorkoutsCelebrity workouts, diets, and secrets. Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods, Statham, Reynolds, Stallone, Diaz … Here are the exercise routines, diets, and bodybuilding workouts the stars use.

Can a celebrity workout really help get you a better body?

These workouts show how actors and actresses get some of the best bodies for roles.

Can you take their lead, follow their plans, and get the same results? Each has a key or secret that makes it successful. Will that hold true for you? . . . read on and find out.

Hollywood Bodies

Great bodies in Hollywood have changed over the years. Over 20 years ago, the standard great body role model was Arnold Schwarzenegger. His Conan and Terminator movies showed a massive body full of muscle. Both Arnold and Sylvester Stallone kept amazing physiques.

Schwarzenegger was a pro bodybuilder though. And most men could never come close to having that kind of physique. Brad Pitt showed a much different Hollywood look in Fight Club – muscle definition, low body fat, tough.

In the last 10 years, more great bodies with this similar look have had mass appeal. In the movie Troy, Pitt again set the standard for a god-like look with much larger muscle mass than before but still very lean.

Ryan Reynolds transformed himself in Blade Trinity displaying amazing abs. Even the cast of the movie 300, all had world class physiques.
Women – See Lindsey Vonn Workout.

Celebrity Workouts and Diets

For the most part, how celebrities work out and and how celebrities diet vary quite a bit. There isn’t one program that everyone uses that produces the same results.

Some celebrity exercise routines work one muscle group per day; others do full body workouts. Some exercise up to 3 hours per day; while others may do 30-40 minutes but with very high intensity

See the Daniel Craig Workout from Men’s Health.

Here’s the best workout for muscle growth for men over 50. Best Workout Routines For Men Over 50.
And just like all the eating styles that can work to develop a great body, celebrities can eat several small meals each day or regular meals but limiting the alcohol and sugar. Supplements For Natural hGH Release

See how Sylvester Stallone diets and exercises – Sylvester Stallone Bodybuilding.

Celebrity Workouts for Women

Here are workout plans of female celebrities

For the best bodybuilder workout and to get a Sylvester Stallone body, check out Bodybuilding.com Fun Workout
Also, the Bodybuilding.com workout database is full of great workouts at Bodybuilding.com Workout Database.
FitnessMagazine.com Celebrity Workouts – Real Plans

Cameron Diaz’s Superhero Workout

Lindsey Vonn, Olympic Skier. Here’s how she does it – Lindsey Vonn’s Off-the-Slopes Workout

Fit at 40 … So which celebrity workout do you choose?

So which Hollywood workout will work for you? Probably, any celebrity workout and diet plan will get you into shape. But just because someone famous is doing it, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, more efficient plan for you.  Don’t just follow their plan, instead strive for their “look” and follow a program like Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and Fit over 50. Additionally, you can stack amino acids which has been proven to naturally boost testosterone and human growth hormone naturally.

Cutting estrogen and cortisol, while boosting other hormones has a pronounced effect on your physique.

“The Best Results I Ever Got From A Workout!”

Celebrity Workouts & Diets

Since I started working out with mostly gymnastic rings and bodyweight exercises using the HFT exercise program, I’ve gotten much stronger and have added substantial muscle . . . and this comes after 36 years of working out!

After major rotator cuff surgery, my doctor said I would never again be able to do exercises like dips and bench presses. Now I use all body weight movements with rings. I enjoy the challenge and without any weight lifting my arms are the biggest they’ve ever been (consider how an Olympic gymnast’s biceps look).

I even travel with my rings and straps frequently staying in hotels for work and working out in my room. Check out HFT2 to get started immediately!

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