Testosterone Advantage Plan

testosterone advantage planThe Testosterone Advantage Plan works a little too well.  Here’s what I mean:

This food and fitness plan shows you how to lose weight, gain muscle, and boost testosterone naturally.

That being said, today’s male ideal physique is the same as that of ancient Greece – wide shoulders, narrow waist, thick chest, muscular arms and legs.

But aerobics and the Food Pyramid just won’t yield that shape, argues Lou Schuler, certified strength-and-conditioning specialist and fitness director of Men’s Health magazine.

For weight loss and the classic Greek physique, he proposes the “T” (testosterone) plan.  This includes weightlifting and a diet of 33 percent each carbs (mostly low-glycemic-index), fat (the “good” kind), and protein.  No alcohol and minimal sweets and processed food.  Boost Testosterone Naturally and transform your body.

What is The Testosterone Advantage Plan

The Testosterone Advantage Plan includes a meal planner, grocery list, and recipes.  A 100-page, clearly illustrated weightlifting program progresses from circuit training to bodybuilding to power lifting, with both home and gym exercises.

One supplement can make a huge difference with low t (testosterone) is tongkat ali.   Tongkat Ali Benefits shows you how this Asian herb works.  Also, I’ve had success with Stinging Nettle root (not leaf but root).  Theoretically, stinging nettle increases “free testosterone” by affecting testosterone receptor sites.  It does not increase total testosterone.

Sly Stallone Workout

So what was the Sylvester Stallone bodybuilding routine that got him in such incredible shape for the film The Expendables 2?  Actually, his awesome physique, even at 66, is the result of a lifetime focus on workout, diet, and lifestyle.

“Now I focus on a variety of exercises, working out three times a week for 90 minutes per session. I really feel good, much stronger than I’ve ever felt actually. Something’s working”, Stallone says.

Lose weight, gain muscle with Stallone’s Workout and read more about how Stallone does it.